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The following links have been compiled for your convenience. Each link will open a website that is not owned by the Auburn-Washburn school district. USD 437 is not responsible for the content found on these websites. If you find a link that is broken or have concerns about a website please contact the district .
Reading and Language Arts Spelling City - A fun way to practice your spelling words.

Idiom Connection -- This site has a list of idioms organized alphabetically. Click on a letter to see idioms with first words that start with that letter.

ESL Cafe Idioms -- Also organized alphabetically, this site was designed to help people for whom English is a second language. -- 2,056 idioms listed alphabetically. Click on one to see its meaning.
Poetry Idea Engine -- Learn about 4 forms of poetry and create poems of your own in each.
Vocabulary Lessons -- website to practice prefixes, suffixes, root words, and more.
Analogies Jeopardy Game -- Play with a partner or by yourself to test your knowledge of analogies.

Analogies Quiz -- Fill in the blank on these 34 analogies.
CNN stories -- Choose a topic, read news stories, and do activities using vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing, and more.
Power Proofreading -- Interactive practice on proofreading skills.
Harcourt Reading Series Online Activities -- Lots of fun and educational activities that go along with the stories students read in class. Click on Grade 6 for 6th grade activities.
Vocabulary builder - for each vocabulary question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the UN's World Food Program.
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Fraction Frenzy -- Match the equivalent fractions before the time runs out. See how far you can go!

Dividing fractions - Great game for estimating, dividing fractions, and determining the largest number.
Harcourt School -- Interactive math games from the publishers of our math books.
Math Playground -- Lots of fun, interactive math games.
Billy Bug -- Move Billy Bug to the correct coordinate location so he can get the grub.
Decimals -- Click on one of the links below to practice decimals.



Arithmetic Workshop --word problems and general math practice
Game Aquarium - math games pertaining to a variety of topics: money, place value, basic operations, geometry, etc.
AAA Math -- Practice many different math skills and keep track of how many you get right.
How much is a penny? Interesting facts
Virtual Manipulatives -- Explore and practice different math skills with these games.
Saxon Math -- Select to view activities by grade level, then click on one.
Arcademic Skill Builders Grand Prix racing, fun games using basic operations
Factor Bingo - Interactive game reinforcing factors
GregTangMath - A website with strategies, skills and activities.
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Science Famous Scientists:

100 Famous Scientists and how they changed the world

Notable Scientists - biographies
Volcano Links:

Volcanoes Online -- Great site from ThinkQuest. Lots of information and some games, too.

Volcano World -- Informative site from Oregon State University.
Newton's Laws:


How Stuff Works


Science links
Roller Coaster & Physics Links:

Britannica Roller Coaster Physics -- Animated and labeled map of a roller coaster. Click on the labels to learn more about each one.

BBC Newsround -- Click on the question links to read answers to each question.

Amusement Park Physics -- Read the information and click on the links on the diagram at the bottom. You can even click on a link to design your own roller coaster!

States of Matter


Slide presentation on Matter

Periodic Table of the Elements

Interactives Periodic Table - Gives basic information about each element, as well various groupings of the elements (orbitals, melting points, boiling points, etc.)

Proton Don - FunBrain will show you a periodic table that contains the elements' symbols and their periodic numbers. Identify elements´┐Żby selecting their symbols or by correctly typing their names.

Chemical Elements - Information about each element. Click on the element to find basic facts, and a great picture of the element's energy levels.

Web Elements - Information about each element. Click on the element, then click on the left side for more information about that element.

Los Alamos Periodic Table - Another good resource for information.

Atoms - Build an atom with a different number of protons, neutrons, and electrons and find out what element you've created.

The Periodic Table Videos - Videos for the periodic table

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Social Studies US Geography -- States, capitals and landscapes games and quizzes.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government -- Great site with information on national versus state government, how a bill becomes a law, the election process, and more.
Ancient China -- Website from the British Museum with links to information about geography, tombs and ancestors, and more.

Ancient Dynasties -- Brief history of ancient China.

Ancient Chinese Culture -- Click on the links to learn more about different aspects of Chinese culture, such as religion, art and literature, and dragons.
MapZone -- Great website for finding maps of anywhere in the world. Each map has interesting information about that region.
Hieroglyphs -- Fun site about the ancient Egyptian way of writing.

Guardian's Egypt -- A site with many links information about pyramids, hieroglyphics, Egyptian gods and goddesses and much more.

Egyptian WebQuest -- This is a WebQuest--an interactive lesson about Ancient Egypt. Even if you don't do the WebQuest itself, there are lots of great links to check out.
National Geographic -- This is the official website of National Geographic. There is tons of information here, along with neat tools for students!
Earth 911 - This site talks about the 3 R's and how to dispose of your electronics.

The Environment and Society - Links to many ways of protecting our environment.

Top 10 New Technologies - New technologies and how they may change our world.

Another Top 10

Clean Energy Technologies - Congress Top 100

GE Technology Video
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Other Kids Click- great way to find all kinds of information
Jo Cool or Jo Fool? -- Think you know all about the internet? Take this cybertour and help the Josie and Joseph Cool make smart decisions when surfing the web. When you finish, check your knowledge by taking the Cyberquiz.
Citation Machine -- Use this handy website to create citations for a bibliography.
6th Grade Skills -- Great links for math, reading, and science.
Sense-Lang Touch Typing -- Practice your keyboarding skills.
Evaluating Websites -- Links for the lab activity on how to find reliable internet sources.


INTERNET FOR CLASSROOMS - Internet 4 Classrooms site with links to online activities for every subject! EXCELLENT!

Funbrain - Lots of games to practice skills in all subject areas. Click on your age.

Voki - Create an animated avatar for book talks and more!

Phil Tulga's Music Resources - Very cool, interactive activities that combine music into language arts, math, and science.

Glogster - A virtual, digital platform that is safe for creating digital posters with background, video, photos, etc

Computer Safety and Ethics - Take a quiz to test your computer smarts.

NetSmartzKids - An online resource with interactive games and activities which teach Internet safety.

NetSmartz - Great videos and information about staying safe and acting appropiately online.


Evaluating Websites Lesson
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